Jay Z reportedly offered 18 year old Philly rapper LGP Qua Million dollar record deal

Jan 12 2018

LGP Qua has been tearing up soical media with his motivational raps. The 18 year old Philly MC has garnered a strong following from a lot of celebrities who love the message he spits in his music. LGP’s music is way different then majority of people his age who normally rap about taking drugs and killing. LGP is doing the opposite and trying to wake the youth up by being their positive voice.

It seems his hard work has not gone un-noticed. Its been said that Jay Z has approach the young Philly MC, offering him a deal to sign with RocNation. The deal is reported to be around $1 Million dollars. This would not be the first time Jay Z went to Philly and signed some rap talent. Lets not forget Jay signed Beanie Sigel, FreeWay, Chirs & Neef, Peedi Crack and the whole State Property. Check some of LGP’s work below if you never have


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