Jay Z creates $15 Million dollar trust fund for Nipsey Hussle kids

Apr 04 2019

Jay Z is the GOAT for many reason’s not just for his rap skills. Jay is back at it again for his people! Jay Z and RocNation will be creating/donating $15 Million dollars to a trust fund which is set up for Nipsey Hussle’s kids. Nipsey signed a management deal with Jay Z and RocNation so it is only right that Jay take care of Nipsey since this heart breaking event happened. The trust fund will have Lauren London has the executive of it and she can disburse and manage the money how she pleases. That is what RocNation reps told us when we reached out.

34 thoughts on “Jay Z creates $15 Million dollar trust fund for Nipsey Hussle kids

    1. Nipsey Hussle’s death has been felt far more with Minister Louis Farrakhan. A man who has BEEN given His life for all humanity. And until we as a nation will humble ourselves and seek God, we will not be healed! The murder of our people is dam unacceptable! And we as black people need to fight and fight hard to save our people! And listening to Minister Farrakhan is a dam good start! He has THE ONLY way to healing our nation.

  1. Man that’s crazy and pretty scandalous that we gotta keep losing role models that are at least appearing to be respectable men and women to follow the footsteps of why and how much more do we gotta take and lose is this ever gonna end this ***t got me questioning my whole lyfe and purpose like really feeling like it’s all for nothing really starting to think that everything I beleieved in was a lie! Meaning I’m losing faith in myself!

    1. I Agree I been saying that nip was a good person .

      Giving back to his Community .
      Is sad .

      To see someone who was doing something.

      Amazing for his Community .
      Taking away from us .


  2. It is sad someone has to have something stragic to happen before media and everyone gives him his due props. He can’t hear all the good things about him now. Why not give a person cudos while they can hear them. RIP young man.

    1. This will go over most People’s heads. But it’s baffling to me that folks like Jay KNOW very well the problems and IGNORANCE in The Hood, yet do not “Donate” those same kind of Millions to build INFRASTRUCTURE (Community Centers, Job training programs, etc) right in the HEART of Black Neighborhoods that are SUFFERING without help from ANYONE.

      1. Hello, not over my head. My sister and I was talking about the same thing yesterday. Nip dead because his purpose was over and show other black successful peaople this is what they should be doing also.. ZBuilding the black community up… We waiting on the white man to build us up, we have to work together and do it for ourselves. Millionaires like Jay z should take that 15 million and take up the reign we’re Nip left off…Nip is a Martyr now…

      2. I understand.. Nip needs someone to carry on the dream. Blacks need to build our own self up. 15 million better spent on Nip dream. Nip a Martyr now

  3. The word Death is something we must study its something we all must do and will do God makes no mistakes. Iam so sorry for the people who lost a beautiful. person stay strong But no this to shall pass

  4. I’m a older woman but when I heard and read about this young man it just broke my heart I don’t listen to rap music but one day I set down and read story and some of his music and that’s when my heart dropped I said to myself this young man here was a positive role model too many people haters in this world it’s just not right it’s just not fair rest in peace young man

  5. I did no of this brother but I heard so many wonderful things he has done. And so sorry for the loss of a good man who care about the people in his community and he did all he could do for them.God has another soldier home.My deepest condolences to the family for your loss.

  6. This is beautiful!! My heart is heavy, I feel as though I knew him as well as his family, my prayers for everyone is to continue his legacy and too keep his family and his community lifted

  7. Even though his kids are sole inheritors of Nipsey’s reported $8 million fortune.

    That $15 mil could help many a mother struggling to feed her children.

  8. My heart goes how to his family and children..But our father knows the number of our days even the hairs on our head..I pray that he is resting in peace..and that his children will grow in grace and mercy and see and know the plan God has for all of our lives with God’s wisdom and understanding the Creator of All..

  9. I had not heard of this awesome young man until this senseless tragedy. I am deeply moved by those who did know him. He must have been an angel on earth. R.I.H. #gonebutneverforgotten

  10. Didnt know him but all the shootings are senseless.plack brothers killing black brothers this world is about done .enjoy your life to the fullest..and love and do right by people while they are living.when you dead you done.they cant hear us ..RIP young man !

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