Jay Z contract with the NFL demanded Colin Kaepernick get workout with NFL owners

Nov 13 2019

Colin Kaepernick has broke the internet with news that he will finally get a workout infront of NFL owners and GM’s. Colin Kaepernick has been out of the NFL for 3 plus years for his protest against racial injustice. Colin Kaepernick who sued the NFL for black balling him settled with the NFL out of court. Well now we got word that Kap will finally get a fair shake to get a new job in the NFL he loves. Months ago when Jay Z signed a contract with the NFL, almost all of the urban community called him a sellout for not standing by Kap. Well more news is out and it reveals that Jay Z’s contract with the NFL demanded that Colin Kaepernick get another fair shot to workout infront of Owners and GM’s. Report is Jay Z was very serious that about this and the only way he would do it is if Roger Goodell signed off on Kap getting a fair shot. Check out all the tweets below about Kaps workout coming this Saturday November, 16th 2019.

5 thoughts on “Jay Z contract with the NFL demanded Colin Kaepernick get workout with NFL owners

  1. I’m laughing at how they grasp at straws to create a story. This is the undisclosed part of the settlement that Noone got to “hear” about. Dog and Pony show and then everyone goes home and a Thanks for coming out.

  2. Yes exactly! He needs a secured job/contract not a secured try out. The Jay-Z influence is showing its head like a crowning baby birth. But we still need to see the rest of the body of this new scenario. A team needs gain truly organic interest and offer Kap a righteous contract. Furthermore, he should be allowed to get in on the last minute trades for this year’s progressive season that is already underway. I mean yeah he does have the money already from the NFL settlement but his joy has been stripped of him not being able to play or do what he loves. If the NFL was socially smart they’d put Kap on the Cleveland Browns or the Raiders or another scrimmage level 😩😂 team just to keep him employed and keep the fans happy! #Duhhh 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ #BRINGKAPBACK

  3. This is bullshit from jay z publicity team..rumours saying he had “some influence”. Yeah right, if it was true he wud hav said so months ago when we all called him out for being a traitor.

    1. Exactly!! Fake ass bastard. All jays Ever cared about us $. Zero morals. Even his tiny charity work he only does cus woke us fashionable and then he announces it everywhere and gets media to say “jay z has been quietly helping xyz cause” at the End if his career he start thinking about “Legacy” and realise history see him as asshole so belatedly he lie and fake being a nice guy.

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