Jay Z & Beyonce are buying back DMX’s masters for $10 Million & will give to his 17 kids for free

Apr 09 2021

Jay Z is doing another legendary act for the culture of hip hop. It has been long rumored that Jay Z when he became president of Def Jam back in the early 2000’s tried to derail DMX’s career with pushing his 4th studio album back. Well now we are getting word from reliable sources who also told us first that Sadly DMX was clinically dead from Over-dose last week, that Jay Z & Beyonce are in negotiations to buy back DMX recording masters for a reported $10 Million dollars. Jay and Beyonce will also be giving the masters for free to DMX’s 17 kids so they can have money coming in after their legendary fathers passing. Stay tuned for more updates!

Jay Z & DMX full rap battle 1998:

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