J Prince Gives Birdman Final Warning About Paying His Son Jas For Discovering Drake

Feb 22 2018

Well well well, We all know Birdman has not had the best track record for paying producers and his artists what they are rightfully owed. Jas Prince son of J Prince as we all know found Drake years ago and brought him over to Cash Money with Lil Wayne.

Jas Prince was suing Birdman and Slim directly to recover the 22 percent of Drake royalties ($ 11 million) that Jas was owed for bringing Drizzy to Cash Money. Jas Prince was originally suing Aspire Music Group for the royalities but Birdman hadn’t paid them either so he couldn’t collect from them.

Since this issue hasn’t been resolved amicablly, Jas Prince’s dad the legendary J Prince took to social media to give Birdman his final warning about doing bad business. This isn’t the first time J Prince pulled Birdman’s boss card and we’re pretty sure this won’t be the last time. Peep the instagram post below and let us know what you think!

I always had respect for the two brothers Ronald and Bryan Williams hustle because anyone who is successful in this music business earns the respect. I’m glad to have been an inspiration to them, but you witnessed the words that came out of his mouth. And I quote, "His family is my family. You gotta understand thats where Drake come into play. That came from J. Nobody knows that" – – – The J that really deserves that RESPECT and to be PAID is my son @Jas.Prince he discovered @ChampagnePapi – – – I’ve never been a man to use the word "Family" loosely because I believe life and death is in the power of the tongue. I also walk in great respect for the universal laws, one being cause and effect, simply meaning you reap what you sow. – – – With that being said, I say to this man they call "@Birdman5star" don’t forget you have children and I know you wouldn't want them to reap the seeds you have sewn by doing bad business. – – – This is the truth raw and uncut. This is how you earn "Respect" on your name. – – – If you can relate to this truth. Mention @Birdman5star and post #RealTalk

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