IG Model Layla Lace Who Says Drake Got Her Pregnant Caught Lying

Apr 19 2017

Well here it is folks, after much commotion regarding whether or not Drake had got Instagram model Layla Lace pregnant has now found its end. Layla Lace has actually been caught lying about being pregnant by Drake. Which is great news for Drizzy!

DJ Spade, who’s associated with Drizzy, revealed a text message of Lace’s which revealed her true motives.

"? the lengths some people will go for a moment…we've seen it all"

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Drake is now aware of the lying, as he probably figured that from the get go. But he made it public when he like DJ Spade’s instagram post above! Drake dodged a bullet on this one and its amazing to see the lengths people will go to for a minute of fame!

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