Ice Cube gets President Donald Trump to put $500 Billion for his Platinum Plan to help Black people

Oct 15 2020

Ice Cube is backing President Donald Trump now and for good reason. Ice Cube has struck a deal with President Trump which will give $500 Billion for Cube’s Platinum Plan. This comes after Ice Cube revealed in a video on Sunday (October 11) that he met with both parties, and he stated that he was refusing to get caught up in anyone’s rhetoric. Cube also revealed that no president has ever done right by the Black community, and he’s not siding with the Democrats after a host of other Black entertainers have endorsed Biden and Kamala Harris.

Ice Cube also revealed the “$500 billion” on the table from the Republicans, which is part of Trump’s four-year “Platinum Plan.” A breakdown of the plan reveals that Trump plans to “Increase access to capital in Black communities by almost $500 billion” by various means, including creating 3 million new jobs for the Black community and creating 500,000 new Black-owned businesses.

2 thoughts on “Ice Cube gets President Donald Trump to put $500 Billion for his Platinum Plan to help Black people

  1. Ice Cube is Trump plan on doing this if reelected Nov 3rd 2020?I need to see this in writing,action speaks louder than words.I wanna see proof Trump will help Black communities worldwide because we are suffering badly,especially the youth

  2. Ice Cube didn’t get Trump to put $500 Billion toward his platinum plan for black people. Ice Cube didn’t even talk to Trump or Pence he only talked to two of Trumps people. I watch the the Roland Martin show which Ice Cube was a guest on. When Roland ask Ice Cube what was the names of the people he talked to Cube couldn’t even tell him. Cube just agreed with a name that Roland came up with. The whole while Cube was on the show he came he across as if he had an attitude. When Cube finished the show and left the other members of the show didn’t have too much good to say about Cube. They didn’t like his funky attitude and the fact that he didn’t even know who he talked to. They felt that Cube should have interfaced with other people and groups before trying to negotiate with Trump. They also felt like Cube allow Trumps people to use his name. Basically, Ice Cube looked like a fool and he had an attitude because he knows he looked like a fool. I mean it is not like we don’t appreciate Ice Cube’s effort in trying to help his people. However, I think that he should have spent more time before submitting his contract and he should have had more access to other people and groups to talk over the contract. Not only that he absolutely should have spoken with Trump first and foremost because in the end Trump is the person who will have to sign off on that so call $500 Billion. Instead Ice Cube talked to the people he felt that he should talk to and went on his own to try to get money for his people.
    What I am having a problem with is what
    was Ice Cube thinking especially knowing what kind of person Trump is. How could Cube possibly think that Trump would ever agree to such an agreement even if he talked to Trump face to face? Let alone not talking to Trump at all. I feel that Cube was trying to deal with something that is way out of his league. Also, I will like to make a suggestion to Ice Cube about the Money Give Away he had going on via Facebook this weekend. Cube was on facebook live this weekend spinning music and also offering the first 1000 people who responded to his post with the word “CASH” a cash prize. He advertised that he had already given the first 250 people a cash prize. It just so happened that when I clicked on Cube’s live stream I was selected as a cash winner. I received the page that said CONGRATULATION you are a $5,000.00 winner. You have 10 minutes to click the Select button to register. I immediately clicked the selection button to go and register. However, when I clicked the selection button it took me to a page that has absolutely nothing to do with me registering but instead the page was advertising about movies and screaming. I tried repeatedly to register but to no avail. When I tried to contact Cube and whoever he had working with him I received a message asking me “how can I help you”. I immediately responded back about the situation at hand. I never heard back from Cube or any of his help. When I tried to contact Ice Cube again I found that I was blocked. Let me tell you that I don’t think that I have ever been so pissed off in a very long time. Yes, I was so pissed off at Cube I wanted to choke him to a pulp of his fricking life. Here I was mining my own business not bothering anyone and suddenly I get this post from Ice Cube telling me I have won $5,000.00 only to BS me about it in the next minute. I don’t know where Ice Cube is getting his information from or what kind of people he is dealing with but whoever these people are he needs to stop dealing with them. Even if he didn’t do it on his own he still needs to think about how that makes people feel. Before he became so big and high an mighty he needs to think about how something like that would make him feel. He probably sure enough would have been a NWA just like he was on Roland Martin. The bottom line is don’t go sending people BS about winning money as hard as times are right now if you know you aren’t giving money. You had a good chance to keep that shit to yourself and STFU. Just because we aren’t as rich as Cube doesn’t mean that we don’t have feelings like Cube. He wouldn’t want nobody doing that ish to him so don’t do it to nobody else. Who the dicken do Cube think he is, God!! Well you aren’t and ish like that will make a body want to sue your crusty draws down to your rusty ass knees. Iam so pissed off with you right now I will never listen to or watch shit you have anything to do with and if others feel the way I do they should follow suit.

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