Houston Rapper Doughbeezy Kills Assailant During Home Invasion (VIDEO)

Jan 23 2015

Doughbeezy a rising houston rap star is in the hospital after he was attacked and pistol-whipped by an assailant during an attempted home invasion on Tuesday Jan 20th.

“My life was almost taken from me last night. Nothing or no one but God was watching over me, I’m suppose to be dead,” Is what DoughBeezy wrote on his IG account.

In his own words here is how Beezy describe the life changing event that happen tuesday night.Beezy recounts how he was able to escape to his car, retrieve his gun and shoot one of the suspects, who is now dead.

When the gunman got instructed to shoot me, he froze. When they tried to kidnap me in my own car, I was able to fight my way out the car before being pistol whipped. After being pistol whipped, my friend and her family pulled up and we all got instructed to go in the house and that’s when God made a way for to break loose and make it back to my trunk for my pistol. If I never was able to break away for my trunk, I wouldn’t be here today telling you this story.
Stop and take a second to thank God for very thing you have. And when you’re done, take a moment to tell your family and the people close to you that you love them. My daughter will be born in a week and if it wasn’t for God, I wouldn’t be here to see her to see her take her first breath. #Blessed

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Doughbeezy posted, then deleted details of the incident on his Instagram page.


Doughbeezy twitter post

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