Hiphop Mogul Suge Knight shot twice

Jan 16 2015

Suge Knight, one the scariest Ceos’ in the music industry in our time was caught slippin. Death Row Records own Suge Knight, was shot multiple times this morning August 24th at a West Hollywood night club. The reports says Suge was walking out of a pre-VMA party hosted by Chris Breezy on his own but left in an ambulance and police, per TMZ.
Suge Knight’s family and friends and people that attended the party confirmed he was shot six times and that injuries were not fatal but had surgery early this morning.

Sheriff’s and officials reported that two men and a woman were wounded. They were taken to hospitals and all three are expected to recover.

Details are slowly leaking but TMZ broke the story obviously being the first on the scene. They reported that four to six shots were Web Hosting Company in Derby fired around 1:30 a.m. In a 61-second video that TMZ released the man on the clip looks exactly like Suge Knight. In the video, Suge is seen being wheeled out on a stretcher by Emts.

“It’s disappointing that we as a society can’t have fun or enjoy ourselves without any altercations sometimes,†Website Design in Derby Chris Brown tweeted after the shooting.

Actor/ model Tyson Beckford tweeted:

#sugeknight injured at @1OAKSunset @chrisbrown @TysonCBeckford
Was this a hit on Suge Knight? Rumor is Suge is behind 2 PAC and Biggie’s death, is this retaliation?

Suge had surgery this morning and is expected to be ok, we will keep u updated


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