Goons on video beating up Tee Grizzley at Chicago nightclub until his homies came and helped him

Jul 26 2018

Tee Grizzley was in Chicago last night doing a club hosting when things went all the way wrong. Some Chicago goons stepped to Tee Grizzley and began handing him and his homie a whooping. The video starts when the two men JUMP on Tee Grizzley and his friends beating them to the ground while raining punches on them. Tee Grizzley is punched at least a dozen times in the face and at one point appears ready to GO DOWN.

After things were getting ugly a few of Tee Grizzley’s goons came to the rescue in which the fight turned in favor of Tee Grizzley. 5 of his friends jump in to make the odds unwinnable for the two fighters. Eventually Tee Grizzley and his friends overpower their attackers, and they manage to escape.

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