Gay Rich Gang Rappers Drop New Music Video Video

Feb 25 2015

About 2 weeks ago 2 rappers from New York who signed to Rich Gang came out saying they had sex with Birdman for there record deal. We did not know what to think when that news broke. Well we got word they are shelved artist who like many of Birdman cashmoney artist are on his bad side and have to sit. So I guess this is them acting out to get Birdman’s attention to work them.

We also heard while at All-Star weekend Birdman sent the goons after Chase God & Starship God to tighten them up and get them back in pocket. Well it seems this did not work at all. Pretty safe to say something serious is going to happen. Only so long Birdman can let these 2 kill his character/brand. Even if the stories of of sex with Birdman is true (Which this is not first artist to call Birdman out) somethings are better in the dark.

(Starship God saying he fucked Birdman for the deal)

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