G Herbo reveals police in Mexico extorted him for $2,000 to get his weed back

Sep 16 2020

G Herbo revealed via video that he got extorted by the police in Mexico. Herbo says he had to pay Mexican police over $2,000 to avoid going to jail for weed he got caught with.

After getting out of customs Herbo said “10 minutes into the trip, soon as I land, these b****** just went in all my sh** and just found two zips,” G Herbo said. “‘Aye, you ’bout to go to jail, boy. How much money you got on you?’ No cap, I just gave him $2,000, all American so that’s really $20,000 out here. And they just finessed the f*** out of me. They said, ‘Oh, yeah?’ They told me they found Taina weed pen.”

“They took all my weed, I’m mad as hell,” he said. “I’m [about to] get so damn drunk this trip, now. They took the doink. These b****** so slick out here.”

Check the video out below!

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