G Herbo facing 5 more years in Prison for lying to FBI agent in Fraud Case

May 06 2021

Just days after celebrating his baby shower, G Herbo was back in court after the U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts filed another charge against him, this time for allegedly lying to a federal agent about his relationship with one of his alleged co-conspirators in a federal fraud case.

The Chicago rapper is accused of lying to a federal agent in November 2018 about his connection to rap promoter Antonio Strong, the alleged ringleader of the identity theft scheme. G Herbo said he never paid Strong, received any goods from him, nor had a direct relationship with the co-defendant.

In December 2020, G Herbo and five others were charged with conducting a multi-year fraud scheme in which stolen credit cards and identities were used to live a lavish lifestyle. The rapper pleaded not guilty to wire fraud and identity theft charges that have him facing at least 65-75 months in federal prison.

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