Funk Flex calls T.I. a snitch and a clown on live radio Hot 97

Oct 29 2020

Fun Flex has destroyed T.I. on radio calling T.I. a rat, snitch and clown. Funk Flex says the streets does not claim T.I. for snitching. Funk Flex even went on to say Swizz Beatz and Jay Z sample made T.I.’s career. Flex said “New York City, this is the most important Verzuz battle ever,” the DJ claimed. “Because I’m gonna see a commercial corndog get handed to himself by the streets and I can’t wait because it can’t come any quicker.” “T.I., let me tell you something about yourself. You played yourself with that 50 Cent battle because 50 was never going to step in the ring with you,” Flex added. “He’s getting too much bread and you knew that. Busta Rhymes scared you. You really didn’t want that smoke.”

Check out the videos below!

Funk Flex destroys TI on Hot97 radio:

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