Fox offers Drake $15 Million a season to Host God’s Plan game show on their network

Aug 08 2018

Drake has been making some moves the past few days behind the scenes! Drake and his team have legally locked down the rights to the phrase “God’s Plan” which the rapper made into a hit song. Documents obtained by us show that Drake is aiming to use “God’s Plan” for clothing merchandise and a TV Game show. Once news of that broke, we did some more digging and found out that Networks are already bidding and shooting their shot with Drake and his game show. One network “Fox” has already offered Drake over $15 Million dollars to host the show on their network.

With over 760 Million views on youtube the God’s Plan video is a hit and now Drake is looking to cash in more. During the video Drake gave away $1 Million dollars of his own money. We hear the concept of the Game Show will follow the same script. Are you guys here for a Gameshow hosted by Drake?


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