Floyd Mayweather Jr. threatens NBA YoungBoy after dissing his daughter Iyanna Mayweather in “Dirty Iyanna”

Dec 18 2019

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is pissed off that rap star NBA YoungBoy dissed his song by creating a whole song for her. NBA YoungBoy’s new song “Dirty Iyanna” is a full fledged diss at Floyd’s daughter Iyanna Mayweather. The song details their breakup and has NBA YoungBoy exposing her making it her fault.

We hear Floyd has sent message out to NBA YoungBoy that he better not ever see him or be in the same place because he jaw will be broken. Check out all the links below and tell us what you think!

Via her social media Iyanna wrote “Now I see why people commit suicide because of the internet, the internet blows me. Y’all always trying to find a way to make some s##t negative. Leave me alone.”

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