Fetty Wap Arrested For Drag Racing, DWI, & Reckless Endangerment

Nov 03 2017

Rapper Fetty Wap has just been arrested after police saw him and another racing at high rates of speed. Fetty Wap was in New York City as the incident happened around 1 AM when police caught the rapper driving over 100 mph in a 50 mph zone.

Fetty was driving his 2015 Mercedes Benz when he was pulled over and immediately cuffed. What makes matters worse is Fetty had an expired driver’s license and police smelled alcohol on the rapper.

After police conducted a field sobriety test, it was concluded that Fetty Wap was over the legal limit after blowing a .09 which is just barely above the limit of .08.

He was arrested for 15 charges, including reckless endangerment, drag racing, DUI, driving without a valid license, unsafe lane changing, aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, following too close, and speeding.

He is currently in jail and set to bond out before seeing a judge.

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