Dwyane Wade is being sued by Zion/Zaya’s mother Siovaugn Funchess Wade for allowing her to get sex change surgery in March

Feb 13 2020

Dwyane Wade and his family broke the internet when he came out and announced that his gay son Zion Wade be changing his name to Zaya Wade because he is a transgender. D Wade was a guest on the hit daytime show Ellen and spoke on this!

Well now D Wade’s ex wife Siovaugn Funchess Wade is speaking out and she is pissed off that D Wade is allowing her son to go thru with this. We now hear that Siovaugn is suing D Wade claiming that D Wade is now allowing Zion/Zaya to have a actual sex change surgery where Zion will change his male penis to a woman’s vagina. Of course being under 18 the parent guardian which is D Wade has to sign off on this! We hear D Wade has already signed off on it and surgery is schedule for sometime in March. Stay tuned for more updates!

Dwyane Wade’s interview about Zion/Zaya:

6 thoughts on “Dwyane Wade is being sued by Zion/Zaya’s mother Siovaugn Funchess Wade for allowing her to get sex change surgery in March

  1. People are so stupid. This is Wades sacrifice, or his paying it back, for being allowed to have fame and fortune. He is now a puppet who is being used to push this current agenda of the transgender movement… this is what he owes for all this fame & the tens upon tens of million dollars he has been allowed to have or been given. Same with kardashians, celine dion, etc etc

  2. What would Jesus do!!how could you put your child through a surgery like this when we as parents worry enough about bumps and bruises ok if he wants to be be gay fine he is 12 years old 12 man come on now y’all are going to answer for this I promise you obviously y’all going to the wrong friends for advice I promise had y’all went to god with this no one would be talking about this they pass laws for less bs why isn’t there a law to stop these people from doing this to this child they pass laws for bs like 21 to buy cigs an stuff but going let a 12 year old have a sex change they going regret this sometimes people don’t want to listen and think it’ll be fine nothing might not happen now but y’all 2 going pay for doing this and that love y’all speaking on just might be the price

  3. i think that hormone blockers is a good idea but i dont think the surgery is a good idea at this age even jazz jenninngs transitioned at 17 and she came out at age 6 im just saying maybe jumping into things shouldnt be the first option because you can reverse hormones (not saying thats what zaya wants ) but not surgery

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