Drake’s newest artist Jade DelValle releases her newest video “Before I Saw It”

Feb 09 2019

“Drake’s label OVO has never had a female artist…until now? Jade DelValle’s new video, “Before I Saw It,” is showing all the signs of being the first female artist signed to OVO. DelValle is spotted in the OVO Flagship store in Los Angeles, consistently repping OVO attire and chilling with the OVO staff. There is footage of DelValle next to Drake at Future’s birthday party in Atlanta, and her social media followers consist of predominately Canadian and other OVO affiliates. All of DelValle’s instagram posts are centered around OVO and she’s following one page: @welcomeovo. Back in August of 2017, Drake held his 8th annual OVO Fest and a video went viral when he took a fan’s phone. Ironically enough, this fan was Jade DelValle. DelValle also has self captured footage of her on stage with Drake back in 2016 showing prior affiliation. Did Drake finally sign his first female artist? From fan to fam, Jade DelValle surely shows highly suggestive association to the OVO crew.”

Jade DelValle – Before I Saw It (Video):


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