Drake signs 600 Breezy to OVO in attempt to get him out of prison

Jul 25 2017

Drake has long been a fan of Chicago rapper 600 Breezy. Its been rumored for a while that Drake was planning to sign 600 Breezy to OVO. Drake even had 600 Breezy with him at the 2017 Billboard awards standing alongside Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne. Not to long after that Breezy ending up in jail for violating his parole. Breezy is on parole for a 2012 charge of possession with the intent to deliver crack cocaine, when he was snagged for the violation.

For violating his parole 600 Breezy is rumored to be facing 10 years in prison. Drake called 600 Breezy and this is what he had to tell him “At the end of the day you were in the midst of doing something positive, and you know, you have people like us to vouch for that. You know, everybody knows you weren’t doing no bad s***. Like, you were changing your life, you know, for the better. And I think that everyone that we’ve talked to has taken a valid interest in that,” Drake can be heard saying in a video of a conference call recording. “Not too many people get the opportunity to do that where you’re from. So the fact that they’re trying to, you know, slow that up is a shame, and I think that a lot of people don’t wanna see that happen.”

After this phone call Drake made the choice to sign 600 Breezy to OVO. Congrats to 600 Breezy and we all hope he gets out of prison

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