Dr Dre secures the rights from Marvin Gaye estate to film BioPic on the late singers life

Jun 20 2018

Finally the world will be blessed with a movie/biopic on the late great iconic singer Marvin Gaye. Many in the past have tried to secure the movie rights for the movie but Marvin Gaye’s estate alwasy said no. Well no Dr Dre finally got the yes music lovers of all ages been waiting for. We are told as of today Dr Dre is in the early stages of getting the project off the ground. And rights to use Gaye’s music have been secured, according to sources. Sony/ATV Music Publishing is home to Gaye’s songwriting credits.

In the past F. Gary Gray, Cameron Crowe, James Gandolfini, Scott Rudin, and actors including Jesse L. Martin and Lenny Kravitz all have tried to bring Gaye’s story to the screen, but until now, none had been authorized by Gaye’s family.

No word on who has been hired to play Marvin Gaye in the movie has been released yet. From what we hear they are in the legal stages still of locking everything down. Once we get name of cast members and etc we will 1,000 percent share it with you guys.

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