DJ Khaled sueing jeweler Rafaello claiming he was scammed out of $250,000 with fake appraisals

Apr 06 2018

Days after it was announced NFL superstar Drew Brees was scammed out $9 Million plus dollars by a jeweler we now have another star getting scammed. In a lawsuit we obtain between DJ Khaled and Rafaello & Company, DJ Khaled claimed he was scammed by the jeweler.

Khaled claims the company used fake appraisals in order to get him to buy jewelry that he would have equity in. Khaled claims the jeweler made him believe he was getting a good deal when in fact he was being up charged.

This situation did not just start. Rafaello back in 2015 sued DJ Khaled claiming he never returned Custom diamond chain, diamond earrings, two rolex watches, and 4 carat diamond ring. Rafaello says Khaled agreed to either return the jewelry in 15 days or buy them, which Rafaello says Khaled skipped out on both options.

Following Rafaello’s claim Khaled countersued claiming the company overcharged him for the last 6 years he bought jewelry from them. Khaled showed proof that in one deal he bought a chain for $110,000 only because the appraisal they gave him supposedly certified the chain to be worth $240,000. Khaled claims he later proved that to be false and fraudulent.

Khaled filed documents last week saying the company allegedly worked with an appraiser to commit fraud against him. However, Rafaello says he works with The American Board of Certified Gemologists (ABCG). Khaled claims that’s a lie and that ABCG isn’t certified and has been “illegally representing itself as a ‘certified board,’ which it was not.”


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