DJ Akademiks dissing Meek Mill calls Meek a clown for calling himself a soldier

Jan 06 2020

DJ Akademiks eventually is going to get hands put on him! He is back in the headlines this time for dissing Meek Mill. Meek made a tweet about giving shout outs to the troops and considered himself a soldier in the tweet. Because of this DJ Akademiks called him out for being a clown in his mind. Check out the video and tweets below and tell us what you think? How many days until Meek and his goons beat Akademik ass yall think?

Akademiks said “This is probably the most narcissistic and self-indulgent Tweet you can probably have about the situation because while we are trying to give some light to the men and women who serve in our armed forces Meek Mill had to say that being in the streets is like being in war. Again I look at Meek and I’m like ‘what are you talking about’. I understand Meek is trying to say that being in an environment where you from the ‘trenches’ your life may be on the line at whatever point. But to compare a lot of people who, by the way, let’s keep it real and this is the thing I don’t like that Meek never mentions, most of the street life is really crime. You can call it survival, but it’s usually survival be doing crime …Now that’s completely different in my opinion than the men and women who actually offer and volunteer their services and risk their lives and protect others. I keep hearing the dudes talk about street codes, yet whenever they get locked up they tell on each other,”

2 thoughts on “DJ Akademiks dissing Meek Mill calls Meek a clown for calling himself a soldier

  1. Being an American soldier Ur backed up with billions of best equipment and support. U on tour specific time then rest. U get treatment free for PTSD and injuries. However trauma from domestic abuse, sexual / physical child abuse, being a kid with many peers shot etc..these traumas and injuries, society does not “respect” so akademiks mocks. Society only values ppl traumatised for “national interests” (usually oil, global power etc). Having trading and billions in backup, technology, and respect makes it very diff. .. there are “good” victims “Our Heroes” who murder brown ppl in foreign countries for hire (paid soldiers) and there are bad, non respected victims (everyone else traumatised who acts out due to PTSD, cptsd etc)

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