Detroit rapper 9000 Rondae while on the run for murder releases music video

Feb 22 2019

Popular Detroit rapper 9000 Rondae is on the run right now facing murder charges. While on the run (doing the race) Rondae filmed a music video where he breaks down the murder in detail. Rondae is considered a suspect in a shooting that took place the Advanced Office building in Detroit. Police reports claim that in the photo above the suspect in removed a handgun from his pocket and shot at the victim. The victim was struck by the bullet and died. Rondae has been on the run ever since the above images of the shooter were released to the public two weeks ago. Yesterday Rondae just released a new song, where he had a bunch of memorable bars that appear to describe his current predicament.

Lyrics from 9000 Rondae on the shooting:

News report of Murder by 9000 Rondae

9000 Rondae – Public (video)

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