Death Row co-founder Michael “Harry-O” Harris gets presidential pardon from Trump after serving 32 years in Prison

Jan 19 2021

Death Row Record’s co-founder Michael “Harry-O” Harris the man who invested $1.5 Million dollars into the company for 50 percent ownership is finally being freed from prison after serving 32 years thanks to President Donald Trump.

Harris was scheduled to be released in 2028, and had been fighting for his release for years. During his 30 plus years of being incarcerated, Harris has encountered health issues and recently contracted the coronavirus. He has also been stricken with an ailment called Guillain-Barré Syndrome, which attacks the immune system and nerves.

Weldon Angelos and Alice Marie Johnson were the two former prisoners-turned activists, who helped Snoop Dogg lobby Trump to include Harris on his pardon list, which is expected to be revealed later on Tuesday. Weldon stated that after Snoop approached him about getting Harry-O released, he put the rapper in touch with Johnson, who was touched by Harris’ story.

“We just let Snoop give his pitch to Alice on what Harry-O meant to him, you know, how important this person was to him. Alice listened. She was very impressed – not because it was Snoop or that (Harry-O) was the founder of Death Row Records,” Weldon said. “When she looked through the file that I had sent her, she was impressed that he had done a lot in the time he was in federal prison. He has accomplished a lot through the different programs he was creating and doing on the streets from prison. And his post-release plans.”

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