DaBaby arrested & illegally searched by Charlotte police at show Bojangles Colosseum

Dec 24 2019

DaBaby went home for the holidays to spend time in his hometown of Charlotte. DaBaby did a toy giveaway for the kids in the city and also came to do his rescheduled show that he missed recently. DaBaby says he pulled up to the show and was immediately taken into custody for no reason given and searched. DaBaby got with the news reporters to give details about the whole ordeal. DaBaby says he was taken around the corner and dropped off by police after there was no real reason that he was taken into custody. DaBaby also states his camera crew caught the whole thing on camera and is looking to file a formal complaint against Charlotte police. DaBaby claims he is being targeted and harrassed every time he comes to the city.

DaBaby says he was put in handcuffs by cops in front of his daugher after giving toys to the kids. DaBaby is looking also to file a lawsuit against the city of Charlotte for the harrassment.

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