Curren$y calls out one his homies for getting their chain snatched/taken by a female

May 11 2021

Curren$y took to Twitter after it was revealed that New Orleans police are looking for a woman who stole a Rolex, a ruby ring, and a diamond “Jet Life” chain from a man earlier this month.

NOPD says Essence Lindsey is wanted for stealing the expensive items from a man on May 3. Lindsey reportedly got into an argument with the unnamed man and locked herself in his bathroom, refusing to leave. Lindsey later left the man’s home without his knowledge, and on her way out, she took the jewelry. Lindsey later posted a photo of herself wearing the watch and “Jet Life” chain on social media, which was reposted by police in connection with the crime.

After news broke of the incident on Monday (May 10), Curren$y took to Instagram to address the situation after some people questioned if the Jet Life chain was stolen from him. He wrote, “Ooooooooohhhhhh one of the homies got caught slippin and let a broad steal some jewelry…. I need everybody n the crew to post they jetlife chain… which one of y’all boys got jacked and ain’t say nuffin ?hahhaa.”

He then added, “It ain’t funny… but u mean to tell me u called the news before u called us?…. who did this?… it’s a lil funny can’t lie but let’s be serious for a sec. haaaaaa. Or the cops and then the cops called the news haha either way…. who the f**k hahah …. that ofcourse is if this is a real thing that happened. But boyyyyyy n***az hotta know better than to sleep round something u can’t trust … learn from it. Laugh about. But maaaaannnnn.”

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