Casanova says he hates niggas like Wack100 for celebrating 6ix9ine being locked up

Nov 21 2018

Wack100 the very outspoken manager of rap star The Game is never one to bite his tongue! The other day Wack100 showed his happiness when the reports of 6ix9ine going to Prison was released. Wack made several post celebrating 6ix9ine and Jail. Former foe now friend Casanova was not feeling Wack100 or anybody else who wished Jail on their enemey. Casanova let it be known that he hates Niggas like Wack100 and calls them cowards. Is Casanova right? Is Wack100 a coward for wishing jail on another man? Check the post below and tell us what you think!

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I’m just saying…Y’all pussy in my eyes..

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