Cardi B fights Nicki Minaj at New York Fashion after Nicki dissed her parenting skills

Sep 08 2018

Last night it went down at New York Fashion Week between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B – and it got physical. According to multiple sources – AND VIDEO – Cardi got into a fight fight with Nicki Minaj and her friend, reality star Rah Ali.

The fight popped off, because Cardi alleges that Nicki made a disparaging comment about her daughter Kulture. Early reports suggested that the fight may have been because of Cardi’s husband Offset.

The fight between Nicki and Cardi happened at the Harper’s BAZAAR Celebrates ICONS By Carine Roitfeld event in New York City around 11:30 p.m. ET. Cardi appeared to be waiting inside the hallway for Minaj to come in from doing the red carpet.

An insider tells PEOPLE that Cardi arrived at the event first. After Nicki showed up, there was an “altercation” on the second-floor balcony during a Christina Aguilera performance.

“The scene was f—— crazy,” the insider tells PEOPLE. “It was entourage against entourage.”

Once Minaj was inside, the eyewitness claims Cardi lunged at her and tried to “kick and punch” the rapper. Minaj’s security quickly created a barricade between the two women and Cardi then threw one of her shoes at Minaj, which was caught by the “Super Bass” rapper’s security. Minaj appeared to remain calm during this madness. . . Immediately following the incident, Cardi was escorted out by security while Nicki stayed inside. Cardi was seen leaving the party with a large lump on her forehead but no shoes.

“She left barefoot with her dress ripped and butt out,” source said. Cardi was wearing a red Dolce & Gabbana security escorted Cardi, who was only wearing one shoe, out of the party.

Last week, Cardi was accused of causing a STRIP CLUB FIGHT, after a bartender was accused of sleeping with Cardi’s husband.

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