Boosie son Tootie says Fuck Dwayne Wade and his gay son Zion/Zaya

Feb 20 2020

Boosie son 16 year old Tootie took to his Instagram account today and had a message for Dwayne Wade and his son. Toosie has been getting a ton of backlash for his dad’s comments about Dwayne Wade and his gay son Zion/Zaya. Today, Tootie says Fuck Dwayne Wade and his son and he doesn’t care how anyone feels about it. Tootie also mentions that he knows a girl who will make Zion straight again. Boosie was also denied entry into a Planet Fitness after a gay manager said he would not be allowed in after his comments about Dwayne Wade’s son. Check out his comments below and let us know what you think!

One thought on “Boosie son Tootie says Fuck Dwayne Wade and his gay son Zion/Zaya

  1. I bet I would say it to you and Boosie’s face. There is a way to say anything and it doesn’t have to be nasty. Listen Boosie had some points that made since. However, you and Boosie can’t live other people lives for them Everyone has the right to live their lives the way that they want to In fact I wish I was standing in you a Boosie’s faces right so I can say exactly how I feel. Because there is so much that I can’t say on Hip Hop Overload. While Boosie is sticking his nose in someone else’s business let me tell him what he should be doing.. Boosie while you are tending to D. Wade and his son’s business you should be somewhere trying to teach your son so manners. Because it is clear that you as a father hasn’t done that. Your son is not sensitive to other people feelings and neither are you. To tell the truth both of you need to learn better when it comes to respecting other people feelings. There is nothing nice about what your son said. If he is angry because he keeps getting emails about what you said Boosie then he needs to deal with the people who are sending him email and you Boosie. No insult someone who hasn’t said or done anything to him. By the way what your son said/did Boosie is ignorant. I am sure that everybody and I can see that it is like father like son!!! Put that in a pipe and smoke and ram it up your behinds and choke.

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