Bobby V Gets Caught Sleeping With Another Transgender Male By Own Girlfriend

Jan 02 2018

Bobby V had a rough 2017 after video surfaced of him being filmed by a transgender prostitute for not paying up for services and the video showed Bobby V running out without his shoes or keys. Bobby V said he didn’t know it was a male and ran out of the room. Im guessing some people gave him the benefit of the doubt and left it alone. Well 2018 just got more interesting for Bobby V because his own girlfriend has allegedly caught him in the act with another transgender and spilled te tea via Instagram our of disgust.

The posts have since been deleted and his girlfriend is claiming she was hacked. Which is always the story when these scandals arise. What’s interesting is his own girlfriend said if he would have just been upfront with her she would have been down for the threesome as she states she is free spirit.

Were going to let you all be the judge but were pretty sure this one isn’t false and that Bobby V just has a thing for both sides.

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