Black Rob family & Friends confirm Diddy is paying for Black Rob’s funeral

Apr 19 2021

Via instagram Cormega has confirmed that Diddy will be paying for Black Rob’s funeral. Cormega also shed light that Diddy has been doing a lot for Black Rob over the years. Cormega wrote on instagram
“The truth is a ray of light when we are clouded with judgment so let me shine some light on the speculation. Diddy did a Bad Boy Reunion Tour and Rob was included! Diddy looked out for him recently. Diddy is handling the funeral arrangements. If you can’t match what he’s done you should not blame a man for someone’s death. Rob was my guy I proudly worked with him when he was no longer in the spotlight. And I think it would be better served if people reserve their words for condolences to the family and for positive moments instead of the divisive speculation that stops us from unifying and growing as a culture. Blame (b•lame) Don’t be lame. RIP ROB salute to all who stand for something condolences to his family condolences to his Bad Boy peers condolences to the fans who respect his music. Salute”

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