Bizarre releases new song dissing Machine Gun Kelly after he dissed Eminem

Sep 11 2018

D12 member Bizarre warned Machine Gun Kelly it would be repercussions for dissing his boss Eminem. Bizarre warned MGK that Eminem will get to him with a response, but it seems Bizarre could not wait and released his on MGK diss record.

Bizarre via his Instagram live released video of the song and the lyrics we caught go as follows. “I beat n***as/ I ain’t a vegan, I eat n***as/ Who the fuck got Bizarre involved?/ You know the crime will go unsolved/ Show some respect, aim at your neck/ Fuck a machine, I aim with a tech,” later adding, “Tell Marshall I got this/It’s been six months since I’ve seen my therapist/Anybody see Mr. Kelly leaving Ohio?/Believe me, I’m ready/Ready for war, ready to fight/Let me calm down ’cause I’m just too hype.”

Snippet of Bizarre Machine Gun Kelly diss:

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