Birdman sent goons after 2 Cash Money rappers All Star Weekend in NYC

Feb 16 2015

We just got word that while in NYC for Allstar Weekend Birdman sent his goons after Chase God Swag & Starship God! The info we got was Birdman bumped into his rich gang artists’ at the grand finale party last night for NBA Allstar weekend.

We also hear that it got physical and footage is suppose to be released later today of the 2 rappers pulling back the claim with some new face coloring around the eyes (Black & Blue). We also hear and confirmed that Stunna had them erase the original video where “Starship God” claimed he was fucked in the ass by Birdman for his Cash Money/Rich Gang deal. If you check their instagrams the video’s are gone.

Damn, I wonder how this is gonna end up, is it to late for Stunna to clean his name up? Is the damage done. I guess there is a reason why Lil Wayne & now Drake want out! Be sure to keep checking back because this story just gets juicier and juicier!


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