Baby Blue from Pretty Ricky arrested for $24 Million dollar Covid-19 PPP loan fraud

Oct 07 2020

Baby Blue of Pretty Ricky has been charged in an alleged scheme to obtain $24 MILLION in a Covid-19 PPP loan scam. The “Hotline” singer in hot water—real name Diamond Blue Smith—along with Pennsylvania towing company owner Tonye C. Johnson have been charged on federal complaints by the Southern District of Florida. It is alleged that Baby Blue obtained $426,717 in loans for his company, ThrowbackJersey .com LLC, and another $708,065 for his Blue Star Records LLC. He reportedly obtained both loans with falsified documents. Of course it didn’t stop there, Blue is said to have used some of the money to buy luxury items for himself, including a Ferrari—which was seized. He was arrested and appeared in court yesterday. His accomplice, Johnson, was also arrested for conspiring with him and 11 others in the scheme. Baby Blue and Johnson have been federally charged with wire fraud, bank fraud, and conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud.

Baby Blue posting the Ferrari and all he bought:

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