Asap Rocky makes film debut in movie “DOPE” (Trailer video)

Jan 21 2015

Asap Rocky is making his film debut at the Sundance film festival later this week. The Harlem Emcee will be appearing in the film “Dope”, which shows how a group of nerdy teens survive during a bad day in The Bottoms, a rough area of Inglewood, CA. The film’s director Rick Famuyiwa said he liked Rocky’s “natural charisma and ability.”

“He isn’t a drug dealer or a gang banger,” Famuyiwa told Entertainment Weekly. “He’s into all types of music, and video games and computers. We’ve seen a lot of films about everything else in these neighborhoods—the crime, the athletes, the gangs—but you don’t see films about the regular kids who have to survive in these streets.”

The film was produced by P Diddy, Forrest Whitaker and Pharrell who also produced 3 songs for the film. Also making acting appearences in the film are tyga, Vince Staples and Casey Veggie

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