Amber Rose claps back at Trolls who call her son Sebastian Gay for liking Taylor Swift music

Mar 22 2018

Amber Rose was not letting no internet trolls come for her son Sebastian with their hate. A video circulated which showed Sebastian singing Taylor Swift music. The comments Amber got were harsh, basically grown ass men calling her young son gay for his taste in music.

Amber being Amber of course did not bite her tongue and she called out these trolls for their hate. Amber went on her Instagram live and posted her thoughts which we shared below. After getting wind of the backlash Sebastian got Taylor Swift sent him a gift also. Check below for Amber’s comments and video of the gift Taylor gave Sebastian.

Taylor Swift sending Sebastian a gift

Thank you @taylorswift! ??❤️?

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Thank you @taylorswift Part 2 ❤️??

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