Acne Studios pays Meek Mill $150,000 to where for wearing their white Tee Shirt last night at 76ers game

Apr 25 2018

Meek Mill got his freedom finally yesterday and soon as he stepped on free ground he was back to making money. We got word that the white shirt Meek was wearing under the Joel Embid jersey was a brand called Acne Studios. Ok yeah to you its just a regular white tee shirt, well lets just say they paid Meek Mill over $150,000 for their brand to be the first thing her word.

Thats not bad for a man fresh out of jail to secure a bag worth $150K. Congrats in order for Meek and his team for lining that up asap for him. What you guys think would you buy that shirt Meek was wearing? It retails for $190 dollars.

The actual shirt Meek Mill wore under 76ers jersey:

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