A$AP Bari pleads guilty to sexual assault charges in London

Jan 03 2019

A$AP Bari trial has started in London in his sexual assault case after video surfaced in 2017 showing A$AP Bari in a video sexual assaulting a woman in a hotel room. A$AP Bari has pleaded guilty to one of the sexual assault charges in London. A$AP Bari is the designer of the company VLONE which parted ways with Nike after the crime was committed. A$AP Bari was supposed to plead not guilty to the 2 charges but apparently fessed up to one of the charges. A$AP Bari was even going to counter sue the woman defamation and civil extortion for allegedly pressuring him into settling out of court. A$AP Bari claims the video of the sexual assault was misleading but his attorney must have informed him on his best bet. No word on any information regarding his sentencing but we will keep you updated.

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