A Town and his mom expose Snacks 215 for stealing money and selling his Instagram account for $15,000 to Kicktronics

Feb 13 2018

For the longest people have been wondering what happened to A Town. At one point in time A Town was the biggest star on Instagram and you couldnt walk a inch without seeing something from A Town and “Snacks 215”. Well now we have a answer. A Town and his mom went on Instagram and posted a video where they aired out all the dirty laundry in what really went down in his career. Town and his Mom revealed that his former manager Snacks 215 stole all of his money. Snacks even sold Towns instagram account which had 1 Million plus followers to Kicktronics for $15,000 dollars. Town and his Mom say Snacks was angry when Town told him he did not want to work with him anymore so to be spiteful he sold his biggest asset his Instagram account.

Its been rumored that Snacks over the years stole over $350,000 from A Town. Check the videos below and tell us what you think.

The truth

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The truth part 2

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The truth part 3

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Fans commenting hate on Snacks215 post for stealing from A Town


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