6ix9ine posted King Von’s killer Lul Tim’s $100,000 bail from jail

Mar 30 2021

Social media and many Hip Hop fans have been wondering how did Lul Tim get out of jail with a $100,000 cash bail bonds that was posted on his behalf. Fans have been clowning Quando Rondo saying he is broke and can not afford Lul Tim’s $100,000 bail. Well now it has been revealed that long time King Von and Lil Durk rival 6ix9ine was actually the one who post Lul Tim’s bail. 6ix9ine has been seeing wearing King Von shirts telling him to rest in piss, so this move can be expected from 6ix9ine who has no limits to his disrespect. What do you guys think, did 6ix9ine cross the line again?

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