50 Cent signs Big Meech son Lil Meech to record deal with G Unit records

Dec 04 2019

50 Cent has already secured a TV for his new hit series “BMF” which is based on the life of Big Meech, who was one of the biggest and most popular drug dealers ever! Season is supposed to air this summer on Starz TV. After securing the BMF/Big Meech rights from Big Meech, 50 has now looked out for Big Meech’s son Lil Meech who is an aspiring rapper with a pretty solid following. 50 reportedly has signed Lil Meech to G Unit records and we also hear that Lil Meech will star in the BMF Tv show series as well. Stay tuned for more updates.

Lil Meech music videos below:

43 thoughts on “50 Cent signs Big Meech son Lil Meech to record deal with G Unit records

  1. This lil homie is trash! Just because your Dad is Big Meech that don’t mean you have the talent to rap and that was proven because your music is straight garbage. Nobody would even know who you are if you wasn’t ridin your dads coat tail. You makin BMF look horrible homie. Stick to being a CEO of the company and sign some real artist. 50 Cent is high as hell!

    1. This cat is a hatter. That’s what his pops is supposedly do. Pace the way for his protege. Keep doing yo thang young homie.

      1. Yes that’s BS manπŸ’― it’s way more talented rappers out here that need that deal more than lil meech πŸ’― lil meech Gon be good regardless jus because his father. That’s dick riding at its finestπŸ’―

    2. I guess u gotta get it when and how u can but no disrespect to the lil homie but stay out the studio bruh.if BIG FIF looking for some real talent lil nigga down in TAMPA (GANKSTA813) IS REAL DEAL FUNK AND FIRE TRU LIFE GANKSTA SHIT

    3. You a fucking bum bitch get off welfare an out yo mama basement cuz that’s yo spot when yo rat ass baby mama put u out for having hoes in her car u fucking srub Southwest Detroit fa life broke ass hater lol

    4. Literally ANYONE can rap these days. You mean to tell me Blueface Is poppin? No, it’s all images, he has the image and reputation of his dad. That’s all he needs.

    5. Big Merch is one of “The Games”most successful playaz and of the few that didn’t rat,so I guess that’s one 50s reason for signing the lil homie.As a way to pay homage to Big Merch for being one of the most loyal niggaz to ever do it.Feel Me?If Merch himself was to rap I think he would have signed him cause it’s a good look for real niggaz and the culture-both of which is good for the business.You squares stop hiding behind y’all keypad and taking shots at niggaz.50cent and BMF!!!

      1. “He one of the few that didnt rat”who was he going rat on? He was the one doing all the shit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ them other dudes could have snitched but they didnt those are the real ones fr that Loyal

        1. People haten on family he doing good out there putting himself on great thing for people for sho good lucky family for sho

    1. Good Or Bad He’s Going Places In His Life And Yes, I Love 50 Curtis Jackson And Each And Everything That He Has Done In Everything He’s Going To Do For Himself And For Everyone Else That Allows Him To Help Them And He’s Going To Only πŸ™ Pray For The Rest Of Them.

  2. Shit has change bruh money will make a niggah fag off from the real gangsta shit. 50 is a rat t.i. is a rat and rick ross use to be a c/o I just did a dime how the fuck that niggah get a award on some gangsta shit just saying let me peep the d.r. history. Long story short real niggahs would move with fraudulent niggahs! Especially behind some paper true definition of saling ur soul.

    1. Producer on dis shit awesome.Da niggas vibe is quite cheesy u just gotta Snoop it all to dig it.πŸ’ͺ#Newsound#50cents.

  3. Not going to talk garbage about dude and the legacy his father made for him, 50 only signed his ass so he could get the Grace’s of big meech to make his new show on Starz. Can you blame him? Nah

    1. Yes the legacy of a drug dealer, how wonderful. Black people are the most ignorant amd vile race on the planet, they should be obliterated

      1. Gotta be sum white cracker rasist bullshit everywhere you go. Damn shame. That’s just proof there’s ignorance in all races. Smdh

  4. Damn its alot of jealousy and envy in this 🌎 and no thanks to rhis internet bitch niggaz get the chance to make bitch nigga statements.let the young man prove his self then make your wendy willims as coments. Its bitch ass niggaz like these female wendy willims that fuck up are families friends Street’s and earth..ass bishop said in juice.CHECK YOUR SELF Q.

  5. It’s easy to criticize a person’s talent seems like the negative comments are coming from mtf who ain’t own.. keep doing your thing young meech. Reach for the stars ..u on yo way…

  6. Black man winning so I’ll support. Plus I know He will make more money in films and brands than he will in Music. He is an entertainer at this point, not just rapper. Check the game.

  7. Lil meech is real one its not about the rap or the tv series its his pops and the bmf name long live black mafia family thanks 50 for getting out there and (getting money)

  8. I’m not going to knock anybody’s hustle but word life my white ass would open up on the mic….REAL G SHIT

  9. Re$pect Inc. Even if your blessed name wasn’t Little Meech your music’s on point it sounds good and industry need you point blank and I need to know where I can go get me a copy.

      1. Lil meech will probably be a hit bcz of his dads popularity. Everyone already knows his name. 50 aint stupid. With. Proper marketing and promotion. They will make alot of money. Dont hate be glad for the young brother.

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