50 Cent is buying Ja Rule’s master’s and publishing to all his hit records in a move to own Ja Rule’s career

Nov 06 2018

50 Cent shattered the news headlines last week when we reported first that he was buying 200 front row tickets in order to have Ja Rule’s show empty. Now we have learned from people close to the situation that 50 Cent is back at it. 50 Cent is closing in on buying all of Ja Rule’s master’s and publishing rights to all his hit music he made in the late 90’s early 2000’s. The price has not yet been leaked and we are digging but the souce did tell us it was for 7 figures. Def Jam owns a lot of Ja Rule’s masters so 50 is dealing directly with the company.

This means everytime Ja Rule classic records get a stream or a sale 50 will now get paid! How petty and crazy is that? The man who ended your career now profits off you and your career.

Stay tuned for more updates!

50 clowning Ja Rule before he buys him out:

90 thoughts on “50 Cent is buying Ja Rule’s master’s and publishing to all his hit records in a move to own Ja Rule’s career

    1. I guess you dont understand where and why it originated. It has nothing to do with race at all!!!. Why do people ALWAYS gotta take it to race? It just makes you sound ignorant. As for the FACTS, 50 cent is under the assumption that ja rule and co were the culprits who almost took his life….enough said

      1. If you don’t understand someone’s comment, read it again or simply ask. How did he involve racism(as your dumb ass is thinking) in the comment?

  1. Why are these black rappers hating on each other this bs is senseless and petty who needs trump and the clan the black on black is fucked up in itself im a black 50 + yrs old and it sickens me how bad my race treat each other and they wonder why were so low on the totum pole because every other race stick together but not my race.

    1. This happens in corporate America all the time. Companies try to take market share from their competitors and then they eventually buy the company, lay off its workers, and profit from new streamlined operations.

    2. We’re not low on the totem pole. The problem is ppl loop all black ppl together like we all do this, we don’t, not even the majority. Black ppl out here winning stop dooming us. This shit has nothing to do with black ppl this is just 50 cent doing what he does best, troll.

    3. I’m beginning to see exactly why 50 was shot so many times and constantly wore a vest… this kind of stuff is normal for him…corporate America, the government, etc., when black people treat each other like this. This is why blacks hardly get any where. We too busy hurting our own! It’s sad

  2. smh if it’s true how old are you really time to start acting your age not your shoe size seriously I mean I love you
    ❤50❤ but it’s time to grow up….

    1. Absolutely. Is he going to be in his 60’s still acting like a 15 year old with hurt feelings? He is too stupid to even be embarassed.

      1. First and foremost a 15 wouldn’t be able to buy someone master let along kno what to do with them and better yet every hating on the power move 50 cent did and don’t understand if he was as immature and stupid as y’all claim the man to be he wouldn’t still have money or he could’ve just paid to get the man killed or worst did hisself and hisself locked up… What better way to get at ya enemy who “allegedly” had something doin with u gettin shot and/or stab and almost killed.. have u ever been shot or stab have u every been on ya deathbed due to another human being that did it with the intent to kill.. until u answer those questions with all yes(s) then u can’t say what you’ll do or how you’ll feel or should behave.. be realistic.. bt just my input now carry on now lol

  3. It seems that there’re some extremely deep seated issues between these two Men, that WE the public may never know or fully understand, but one thing that’s a FACT is…… IT WON’T LAST FOREVER!!!

    1. Its different because Micheal Jackson wasnt being malicious and publicizing it to be a dick. Fifty Cent is nothing but a child in a grown mans body. Id expect nothing different from a 15 year old. Great example you set there Fif. I about tired of him begging for attention.

  4. I’m starting to look at 50 totally different. This is beyond petty and he needs to let that shit go and leave that man alone. If not it may cause him more harm than good and the record company shouldn’t allow him to be able to do so. They’re just as much to blame.

  5. Hahahahahaha!!! I hope this is true with all of my heart! I love seeing people whine on social media about
    something that doesn’t affect them at all!!! Hahahahaha fuck Ja Rule. Petty cause he can afford to be
    stop hatin! #getthestrapp

    1. “I love seeing people whine on social media about
      something that doesn’t affect them at all!!! Hahahahaha” Butttttt you’re happy about something that doesn’t affect YOU Hahahahaha… See what I did there!

  6. We must not know the degree of what Jah did 2 50. I dig Jah but damn. This is major for someone to hate you so much

    1. Black on Black crime can we unite and STOP!!! The divide we as Black People have more serious issues to address maga and company.

  7. Seems that 50 has some real issues. Not issues with JA but with himself. This is worse than trolling but does he have some sort of attraction to this man that has him overtly consumed with him and now he will invest money as well as time in the back and forth relationship between the two. This is beyond immature and petty in my opinion.

    1. Ja and murder inc along with supreme had 50 shot 9 times,smh he ain’t petty at all,yell be on ya death bed from 9 shots and see if you wont w as not the ultimate revenge?

  8. At this point if I was Ja I wouldn’t give me no fucks he putting money in his pocket and ja don’t have to do shit. I would keep putting out tour dates and letting him buy up all the tickets I will let him keep running his checks up on me.

    1. Problem with what you’re saying is that if 50 owns jas masters. 50 will get paid everytime ja performs or gets a spin on the radio club etc. 50 owning the masters means while ja rule has to go out there and work like a slave 50 will be collecting the royalties while kicked back with his feet up on the ottoman

  9. 50 got nothing better to do not even making new music , I think all rappers when they not hot anymore they find any way possible to make headlines.. someone tell fiffty to grow up. Why show someone attention ??

    1. But 50 do movies, power, bmf, owns that champagne, hes got such a big list of current accomplishments how could u possibly say his career is over?

  10. Ja tried to have 50 killed, (he was stabbed but obviously survived), because 50’s friend robbed Ja at gunpoint. 50 had nothing to do with it and didn’t know until after the fact, but Ja still tried to have him killed for it. If you try and kill me, there will be no peace. So I get why 50 is acting this way.

  11. This is wayyyy to much when the 200 seats aired I was like 50 need power to come back on because he has to much time on his hands now I’m like 50 needs help this is crazy he’s obsessed with Ja Rule this is what happens when you don’t have the right ppl around you to call you out on your shit sad 50

  12. While you buying up Ja Rules music…buy me a Kia Soul so I can get you to invest in my Art Work. I’m reachable!

  13. 50 cent can no longer play the cards of black lives matter or use the line I help my people. Unless he wants to be the hypocrite that tries to destroy black lives but when the day comes a black or any life hurts him or his family in any way he cries the black card. He is a child in a mans body trying to live like the new gen today. But remember what you teach is what you get in the end. The students will always become masters one day. Whether good or bad is up to you. Life is full of choices. And every choice has a consequence.

  14. Not saying I agree or disagree but 50 and Ja had real beef. Physical altercations between both camps, including 50 getting stabbed so yeah it is pretty serious

  15. Humans destroy humans not designated to a specific culture smh ridiculous comments trump takes pleasure in destroying people how soon people forget

  16. Lets say this is true… Who gives a shit how petty someone can be? This is business! Regardless its a smart move or not, he making a business move…

    If 50 has the right to buy the mans Masters and publishing rights, than so does Ja Rule. Bad busineza on his part if doesn’t make the move and buy his own stuff.

    Regardless, at the end of the day. I highly doubt 50 going to drop 7 figures to lose. If anything he may just be saving his carrer. This is probably the most attention has gotten in years.

  17. As 50 would say. Get the strap ?
    This muthafucka 50 is a straight savage man straight up beast. Ja Rule needs to F off and realize that he lost a long ass time ago that boy is irrelevant af 50 n Em destroyed this man. 50’s the man lets gooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Maybe you should attend a few of my business ethics classes that I teach if you think this is “just business.” Fifty cent is a child in a mans body.

      1. Did they say “just business “or “business “? Cuz its obviously not JUST business but it is a business move which is what that person said. Damn. How many people used the phrase “a child in a mans body” in their comments before u ? Stfu

  18. 50 applied a lot of pressure to Ja back in the day, but in my opinion, Ja ended his own career by how he reacted to the pressure.

  19. Lol seriously ! 50 cent for one thing youre worth 25 cents as your rap and acting are among the shittest ive ever heard.
    In my opinion 50 is so sad right now that ge has to pick on someoneceveryone forgot, good way to get a 10th bullet fiddy.

  20. It really showed what kind of person he was after his son turned 18. Anyone can celebrate and threw an big party for paying not more child support as he did. It’s all about him!!

  21. 50 didn’t end shit the feds did he’s just pissed he wasn’t the man no more he flowed ja for singing on hooks but soon as the feds shut down murda inc 50 stole ja whole style

  22. What people dont understand between there beef is that bullets got exchanged, lives were lost and personal business got poured in the streets they hailed from. There beef is a real retro Queens beef go back to the hustle days, leading up to Jam Master Jay and people losing lives. This is the perfect way to stomp on your competition’s neck after all that happened. Its beyond the music. Far as Ja, he need to just put that “Murdaa” thing intp effect he been screaming cause 5th only killing them softly out there worst than Roberta Flack.

  23. Fuck 50 cent he is a bitch made ass nigga for trying some hoe ass shit like that to ja rule i still fuck with the rule baby fuck 50 cent i will beat that nigga ass straight like that fuck u five o ass nigga

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