50 Cent has purchased the Tr3Way movie rights from Shotti and will direct/film the rise & fall of 6ix9ine and Tr3Way

Sep 27 2019

Boom! 50 Cent is really a business man and when he see’s a golden goose he jumps on it. Riding high from the success of his cultural iconic tv show Power 50 is killing the TV/Film industry right now. With projects like BMF and For Life getting ready to kick off. Now 50 will be adding the story of 6ix9ine, Shotti and Tr3Way. Right now the 6ix9ine trial is the biggest thing going and man is there so many layers of stuff we had no idea of. 6ix9ine was the biggest rap artist in the game, but it only lasted for 11 months until the FEDs came in and shut the whole operation down! No word yet on how much 50 paid Shotti, but we are hearing it is well over $10 Million for the rights. 50 is aiming to start filming asap in 2020 so he can capitalize off of the buzz this whole thing has going. Stay tuned for more updates!

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