50 Cent exposing Young Buck for getting caught with another Transgender saying he will “tear his ass hole up”

Jan 19 2021

Young Buck seems to have a real life fetish for Men who become Woman aka Transgenders. Another accuser has exposed Young Buck with text message proof. “There are actual messages, if you care, between Buck and @crackbadazz with him asking, ‘Where you at?’ and he about to tear that a**hole up, ‘I’m about to come and put this d*** in yo a**,” the host said.

50 Cent, who’s trolled Young Buck over the rumors numerous times, tweeted a screenshot of the episode and wrote, “Damn this boy really different caught with another transgender contender.”

Young Buck has not responded to 50’s latest comments nor the YouTube episode accusing him of being involved with another transgender. During his VladTV interview, Young Buck denied any involvement with a transgender and said he has no issue with the LGBTQ+ community.

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