50 Cent exposing French Montana for fronting with a 2010 Buggatti acting like its a new 2020

Dec 30 2019

50 Cent is back to his trolling ways on instagram and man is it exciting. 50 who posted his brand new Buggatti on Instagram last week, is not for other fronting. Today via his verified IG page, 50 exposed French Montana for lying. French posted a video of his Buggatti being dropped off to him claiming it was a 2020 and he was the only one in New York with it! Well 50 has called French out for fronting and exposed him for having a 2010 Veyron not the 2020 Chiron. French of course commented back calling 50 a old hating dinosaur. Check out the back and fourth below from both rap stars.

French commenting on 50’s post exposing him:

French posting his supposedly new Buggatti that 50 is exposing him for

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