Migos “Quavo’s” chain snatched in brawl with Chief Keef GBE

Jan 16 2015

The beef between with rap trio Migos & Chief Keef GBE gang contiues to grow stronger.A week after Migos confronted GBE member at an Olive Garden of all places the GBE Gang retaliated in Dc.Migos who was scheduled to perform at popular strip club Stadium in Dc did take the stage to perform there many hits.After the there performance the group was approached by a group of men and an altercation took place.Video has surfaced of the group members trying to fight thru security to get back into the club and one of the members “Quavo” realized Web Design Derby he lost his chain in the battle.Take a look at the video below shot by at fan of Migos.The beef looks like its taking a turn for the worst so we hope no further incidents occur but it’s unlikely unless someone intervenes or someone gets killed.

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