XXXtentacion makes Ugly God apologize after calling him a faggot for hating

Nov 13 2017

Ugly God and XXXtentacion seem to have real beef. Some social media videos involving the two went live which show them calling each other out. In one video X goes on how he does not respect any one hating on another man and even called that person a Faggot for doing so. Ugly God later responded by asking X jokingly to not summon any demon on him for their beef. Check all the back and fourth between the two below. Ugly God recently waved the white flag in attempt to apologize to X.

(Full Video breakdown of Beef by Akademiks)

#uglygod taking the mature approach with the situation with #xxxtentacion

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#uglygod doesn't want #xxxtentacion to summon a demon on him 💀

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#xxxtentacion speaks

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