Wack100 is riding around Los Angeles looking for Treach begging him to fight over 2pac beef

May 19 2017

The Games manager Wack100 is back at it again. This time his rage is set at Treach from the iconic rap group “Naughty by Nature”. This whole beef orginated from Wack’s comments about 2pac not being a gangsta and being soft and dying broke. Well Treach was not feeling that at all! Treach was one of 2pac’s best friends while living. Treach replied back to Wack threatening to put hands on him. Well Wack of course got wind of Treach’s threats and went on IG begging Treach to meet up with him and fight. Wack even offered a $5,000 reward for anywhere who could direct him to Treach’s location while in LA. Check all the post below from both Wack100 and Treach


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