Rappin 4-Tay sends Drake a invoice for $100,000 dollars for stealing lyrics off Playaz Club for Who Do you love

Jun 12 2018

It seems Drake gave others a great idea when he personally sent Def Jam & Pusha T a invoice for $100,000 claiming he revived his career with beef. Well now we got rap legend Rappin’4-Tay sending a Drake a invoice for stealing verse for “Who Do You Love?”. It was well known that Drake took basically the whole verse to make his own. Rappin’4-Tay send Drake a invoice for $100,000 also.

Below are the lyrics from both verses. Check them out and tell us what you think

Rappin’ 4-Tay:

I got a ho named Reel-to-Reel
She got a buddy named SP 12, now you know the deal
We gets freaky in the studio late night
That’s why the beats that you hear are coming real tight
Something to roll to, something to stroll to
If you’s a playa in the game this will hold you
Mo money, mo money for the bank roll
Stick to the script, don’t slip in the ’94
A lot of fools put salt in the game
To where these women get the notion that they running the game


I got a shorty name Texas and
She got a buddy name Young JB and now you know the deal
We turnt up in the studio late night
That’s why the songs that you hear are comin’ real tight
OVO crew, nigga, thought I told you
If you a player in the game, this should hold you
And man shout my nigga Game he just rolled through
Eatin’ crab out in Malibu at Nobu
A lot of fools puttin’ salt in the game
Until these women get the notion that they runnin’ the game

Drake’s lyrics vs 4 Tay’s:

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